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Cleaning up WordPress head tag

How to clean up WordPress head tag?

Hi there folks! Sometimes when I look at WordPress <head> tag contents I get headaches ?. For one of the projects I decided to clean it up from the things that I don’t really need. If you are like me and you want to have only the things you want in <head> tag, this article […]

Wordpress won't send emails

WordPress won’t send emails

It’s been long┬átime since I wrote something here. But today I decided to wrote the story of my problem with WordPress. In short words – WordPress won’t send email. The problem was raised by the clients, they didn’t receive emails from WooCommerce with downloadable item. It was huge problem, as payment was processed successfully, but […]

How to open WordPress admin panel in iframe?

Hello everybody, You want to put WordPress in iframe? Sure, no problem. Now, are You trying to log in to wp-admin from iframe? Not possible? Here is the simple solution how to fix opening wp-admin in iframe. How to open wp-admin in iframe? Open this file in Your editor: /YOUR_WORDPRESS_INSTALLATION/wp-includes/default-filters.php Find and comment out this […]

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