Hello world!

wallpaper-2372353Hello everybody!

I've started this blog because sometimes I like to write something else than code. If you are interested what technologies I'm using visit my about me page.

At the beginning I thought that I'll be writing here only tech articles. Sometimes I use code which is pretty nice, useful etc. Few months after I would like to use this code again but I don't have it on my second computer for instance;/ So I decided to create some mechanism for storing my codes, something like snippets. Yesss I know, there are plenty mechanisms like that, I could use one of them. But hey! Why only I should have access to it? Maybe someone else will find it useful. So I decide to create the blog:) In my next post I will tell you what solution I used for this blog.

You will find here probably something more than just code snippets, some posts about my personal projects, posts about my world and posts about nothing:P

Yeah, we will see what will happen here xD

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