How to configure SSH on CentOS

How to configure secure SSH on CentOS

Hello everyone! In this tutorial I will show you how to increase server security by tuning up configuration of SSH. Before you begin There are basically two requirements for this tutorial: You need to have working SSH keys. You need to be able to login to your server by using them. After completing this tutorial, SSH […]

Install MySQL community server on CentOS

How to install and configure latest version of MySQL on CentOS?

Hi there! Today I want to show you how to install latest version of MySQL Community server (5.7.16) on CentOS 7. I will show you how to install it, set root password, configure server and optimize it for performance. Also I will show you how to create databases and assign users to them. How to […]

Hardening Apache with Mod Security

Apache hardening with mod_security

In this part of setup complete webserver we will harden Apache with popular mod_security. Mod_security is a small module that works like application firewall. It protect the app before most common attacks and vulnerabilities. It’s good to have such thing on the webserver. I assume that You have Apache already installed, if not check out […]

How to install apache from source on CentOS

How to install Apache 2.4.23 on CentOS from source

Hi there! Today I’d like to show you how I install and configure Apache httpd on CentOS. I like to have it installed in minimal and secure way. First part is about installation, second about configuration. Last part is about setting up Virtual Hosts. How to install Apache httpd on CentOS – easy way There are […]