Wordpress won't send emails

WordPress won’t send emails

It’s been long┬átime since I wrote something here. But today I decided to wrote the story of my problem with WordPress. In short words – WordPress won’t send email. The problem was raised by the clients, they didn’t receive emails from WooCommerce with downloadable item. It was huge problem, as payment was processed successfully, but […]

Instagram Widgets Overview

Instagram Widgets Overview

Recently I was looking for Instagram widget for some of our sites. We wanted to display images grabbed from Instagram by hashtag and from particular account. But which one to choose? Instagram doesn’t provide any widget like Facebook or Pinterest. But from the other side Instagram has very powerful API that can extract images from […]

postMessage in JavaScript

postMessage in JavaScript

The big problem with iframes is communication between the iframe and it’s parent. When the origin of an iframe is the same as parent there’s no problem. But when the domains are different it was impossible to change anything in iframe from parent for instance. postMessage solve this problem almost completely. Two ways communication with […]

GIT Deployment Keys

GIT Deployment Keys on Windows

Hello everybody! Today I’d like to show You how to setup deployment keys on Windows OS. It’s pretty helpful and time saving thing. If You are tired of passing username and password each time, it’ll be simpler to use deployment key. After git push, your won’t have to pass username and password. OK, so how […]

iPhone and iPad CSS hacks

Hello guys Today it’ll be short post (but hopefully I will add here new hacks later on) about CSS on iPhone and iPad. It should work as well on any mobile Web-kit based browser. When it comes to styling webiste usually I’m checking it in my desktop browser. Everything seems to works fine but when […]

How to open WordPress admin panel in iframe?

Hello everybody, You want to put WordPress in iframe? Sure, no problem. Now, are You trying to log in to wp-admin from iframe? Not possible? Here is the simple solution how to fix opening wp-admin in iframe. How to open wp-admin in iframe? Open this file in Your editor: /YOUR_WORDPRESS_INSTALLATION/wp-includes/default-filters.php Find and comment out this […]

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