not_authorized Facebook problem

not_authorized problem Today I have huge problem with facebook connect. I’ve recieved┬ánot_authorized status when I tried to login to my website as facebook user. But first thing first. I have tried to use FB connect on my websites, and everything works fine for me. Usually I’m using Firefox for daily work. So I’ve created app […]

cURL CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION issue with safe_mode/open_basedir

Today I’ve encountered problem with the CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION. I tried to get user profile picture from facebook with cURL. Unfortunately, on production server we have set open_basedir and follow location is not working;/ So I found some workaround of this issue. I created function that provides similar functionality for CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION option. It’s working when you are […]

Database backup and restore (export and import) with mysqldump

I want to present you very useful tool, which not every developer uses: mysqldump – application for database backups. It’s very useful tool when you want to export (backup) your database. Of course you can use well known phpMyAdmin, but when it comes to export very large database it becomes pretty useless (long export time, […]

Hello world!

Hello everybody! I’ve started this blog because sometimes I like to write something else than code. If you are interested what technologies I’m using visit my about me page. At the beginning I thought that I’ll be writing here only tech articles. Sometimes I use code which is pretty nice, useful etc. Few months after […]

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